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Legacy of Wisdom - mission

Broschure previewWe are passionate about raising the image of aging. Our current work focuses on Medical Research; developing an intervention for maintaining mobility and reducing the falls in Seniors. Our 2014 feasability study was in collaboration with Harvard Medical School - testing a 4-day workshop protocol "Driving Longevity". Currently (2016-2018), we work with the Basel Mobility Center in Switzerland, developing a weekly intervention "Centering for Seniors" based on the same core principles. Over the last 10 years, our successful research and development has created an intervention scalable across many financial and participant experience levels. A series of products will be available by 2021, the year the first baby-boomers start to turn 75. We are securing the $1,000,000 that the current and definitive medical research requires. More details follow as we progress towards official certification and teacher training. Current offerings:
Through this website, events, movies, books, work manuals, internet learning modules and other media publication, we are presenting answers to many of humanities most pressing questions, from some of our most experienced and profound teachers.

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Legacy of Wisdom project